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First Pillar: Body System Balance

The Gut and Microbiome

Just as we exist in a complex ecosystem of mutually dependent organisms, our bodies themselves and what and how they assimilate are such a system. Balance begins from within.

Infection Management

Chronic infections often go undiagnosed and are often unrecognized. I have

a special interest in infections such as Lyme, fungal diseases, and viral disease. Creating a long term management strategy for chronic infections is key to improving health.  


Immune System Strengthening 

Many modern medical conditions, particularly those most perplexing to conventional doctors, can be traced back to a poorly functioning immune system. Supporting and strengthening this system while tackling chronic infection is at the core of functional medicine.



Detoxification is often the key to optimal health and to recovery from chronic infection or imbalance. Creating a structured but flexible plan for gentle detox can ward off potential ill effects and have you feeling better faster.


Energy Utilization

Many of us are living with some kind of nutritional deficiency. Over time, this can impair the thyroid and other systems that process nutrients and convert them to energy.


Hormone Optimization

Think of hormones as the administrators of your body's system. These chemical messengers make things happen. Fatigue, low energy and libido, depression, anxiety and weight gain can occur when hormone levels are out of balance.

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Second Pillar: Evolution to Functional Medicine

Combining Spheres of Medical Knowledge

When the body is in crisis, conventional medicine can bring us relief. Knowing when to rely on conventional methods and understanding the limits is essential to success.

From Conventional to Functional

Shifting to a more functional approach requires patient engagement and active participation. I will help you take ownership of your treatment and transition gently away from reliance on conventional methods when appropriate.


Lab work and consulting

I have access to the most advanced lab tests and analysis to more definitively diagnose and identify problems and chart progress.


Health advocacy

Navigating the conventional health care system requires self-advocacy and knowledge. I can help you access the resources, second opinions and care you need.

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Third Pillar: Transformative Lifestyle Practices

Food Choices and Nutrition

Eating is the single most empowering and potentially transformative practice you can cultivate for health and healing. Learn how food can be your medicine.

Environmental Factors

It may be impossible to live in a completely pristine environment, but there are many compensatory measures you can take to eliminate contact with toxins and allergens. Small changes can have lasting impacts.


Somatic Awareness

Our lives are so engaged in technology and work that it's easy to lose touch with how we feel. Learn how to listen to and honor your body's truth. I have a toolkit available for my patients. 


Mindfulness and Compassion

Cultivating mindfulness and self-compassion triggers a transformation in health, awakening you to maladaptive attitudes and strategies that are holding you back.


Work/Life Balance

Managing stress, setting boundaries, recognizing limits and practicing self care is vital to wellness. Learn how to prioritize your health for a big return on investment in energy and stamina.


Movement Practices

Attitudes, unprocessed emotions and limiting beliefs become embodied in our gestures, postures and body language. This affects not just our own behavior and possibilities, but, incredibly, the response that the world has to us.

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