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My Approach 

I view myself as helper in your wellness journey. I bring my expertise

as a resource rather than an absolute “prescription.” My attitude is

one of non-judgment and compassion.


With conventional medicine, we become used to submitting passively to a treatment that is administered to us. With functional medicine, we become partners in our treatment. It is a dynamic process that requires active engagement and ownership.


This integrated approach looks closely at lifestyle and environment, and treats each individual as a unique case rather than relying on population based models.


My approach and philosophy is supported by three pillars: body system balance, evolution to functional medicine and transformative lifestyle practices. These represent three approaches to understanding your imbalances in order to gain a comprehensive view of the underlying cause or causes.


Transformation rather than symptom-management is the end goal.

When I returned home after working with the World Health Organization, I practiced conventional medicine with a focus in Infectious Diseases, but soon came to the realization that I could do much more for my patients using a more in depth approach. I joined the Institute of Functional Medicine (IFM) and had the good fortune to meet and work with

Dr. Sunjya Schweig who has supported me in my journey.  I am committed to helping my patients through an entirely original combination of conventional and functional medical practices.

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