Consultation Rates 

  • Short Tele-health CM/Herbal Consult - 15 min ($40)
    For established patients: Revisit, short re-evaluation, basics, quick check in​​  


  • Medium Tele-health CM/Herbal Consult - 45 mins ($85)
    For established patients: Medium length re-consult or simple new visit


  • New/Full Tele-health CM/Herbal Consult - 45 to 60 min ($125)
    For new or established patients: Initial consult/extended reconsult - herbal, dietary, acupressure instruction, 1:1 medical Qi Gong, intuitive sessions


      These prices do not include herbal therapies

Please feel free to reach out to check what kind of appointment you might need. Monthly packages are also available. 

Crown Road Center

of Health and Medicine

Tel: 415-737-9988