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Services Offered (both in person and via video)

Online Wellness Visit

As we shift through this "new norm" any number of options are still available via distance treatment: Most often requested, tips for stress management, guided visualizations, meditation suggestions, breathing exercises, acupressure coaching, diet and lifestyle management.  

Herbal Therapies

Using only the finest quality, batch tested and reviewed botanicals. Chinese Medicinal formulas have stood the test of time.  Asists with insomnia, anxiety, stress, pain and immune enhancement. Powerful treatments especially when combined with nervous system rebalancing and diet and lifestyle. 

Personalized Nutrition Coaching

From a Chinese Medical Perspective support your unique constitution.  Dietary recommendations, general lifestyle guidelines, recipes and, if desired, herbal protocols. This modality is especially helpful for weight loss, detoxing, alleviating fatigue and sorting out digestive troubles. 

Intuitive Healing Sessions

When stubborn conditions are not resolving. For those who are looking for a deeper dive and wish to understand their own energy blockages. Guided visualizations, intuitive inquiry and Medical Qi Gong shape these treatments and illustrate how our life force and the health of our mind, body and spirit are  inseparable. 

Acupuncture and Pain Relief

Acupuncture is a stand alone treatment or an adjunct to complement your other healing modalities. From pain relief to preventative medicine, acupuncture can help prevent recurring injuries, promote health and vitality. Acupuncture Sports Medicine integrates the best of traditional Chinese Medicine with western anatomy and orthopedic vocabulary and medical practices. 

Cupping Therapy

An ancient therapy used for centuries by many cultures. Cupping is both a diagnostic and therapeutic tool.  Excellent to support detoxification or enhance acupuncture pain relief; it is commonly used to increase circulation, release stagnation, relieve tight musculature and enhance athletic performance.  

Auricular Medicine

Also called Auriculotherapy, this is a sophisticated assessment technique using the ear as a way to support healing. The ear has many zones or areas that are highly innervated. Each area connects to the body through the brain and the nervous systems. This is a needle free therapy that the patient wears home. An empowering way to continue treatment between acupuncture sessions or as a stand alone modality. Excellent for all ages. 

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