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About Me

I am a Marin County local. From my earliest childhood memories, I felt a strong calling to study medicine and to help others. As part of my intensive medical studies, I did my residency in Internal Medicine at the California Pacific Medical Center, where I was chosen as Resident of the Year. These experiences also won me a Fellowship in Infectious Diseases (ID) at the University of California, San Diego.

As you might imagine, specialists in Infectious Disease are in very high demand around the world right now. I was honored to bring my skills and training to patients in need in countries such as South Africa, Ethiopia and Guatemala, and to have worked with the World Health Organization. One of the most startling facts that I observed in the developing world was a much lower incidence of Autoimmune Disease, IBS and related illnesses. In that respect, they were healthier than

the people that I knew back home. This was, so to speak, food for thought, and from this observation, and my own personal journey, my interest in functional medicine began to emerge. I could clearly see that there were a variety of different approaches to healing and that these bodies of knowledge had never been adequately investigated by practitioners of conventional medicine.


When I returned home, I joined the Institute of Functional Medicine (IFM) and am a participant in their training program. I am committed to helping my patients through an entirely original combination of conventional and functional medical practices.

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