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Auricular Medicine 

What does Auricular Medicine treat?

Appropriate for all ages from children to seniors, Auricular Medicine can treat pain, injury, diseases of the body, stress, anxiety, headaches, migraines, assist with weight loss, addiction cravings and many more syndromes.

What is Auricular Medicine?


Also called Auriculotherapy, Auricular Medicine is a highly developed system of diagnosis and treatment for the whole body. It is a sophisticated assessment technique that uses the ear as a way to support healing. The ear has many zones that are highly innervated. Each area connects to the body through the brain and the nervous system. This is a needle free therapy that the patient wears home; an empowering way to continue treatment between acupuncture sessions or as a stand alone modality. 


How does Auricular Medicine work? 

Many major nerves that run through the body also have branches that extend to the auricle (external ear).  The stimulation of these points supports the patient in natural non-invasive way. By checking different points on the ear, the practitioner can examine the physical condition of a patient in a precise manner. 

How are the points on the ear stimulated?

The specific points are stimulated by using ear seeds or ear beads (vaccaria seeds) that are taped (like a mini bandaid) on to the ear. This is worn by the patient for 2-5 days and does not pierce the skin.  Please click on the watch demonstration above.

Does the patient take the treatment with them?


Yes, this is an empowering take home therapy without side effects for the patient. Since there are no needles, this therapy is completely safe and works around the clock - even while the patient sleeps. 


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